61: Jordan Meyer - Dairy, Beef Cows, Stocker, Hogs, Goats & More!

Jordan Meyer and his wife Rachelle haven't been afraid to dive into new enterprises when opportunities present themselves. Over the years they have raised organic crops, conventional crops, dairy, beef cow/calf, stocker cattle, goat production, pastured hogs, turkeys, broiler chickens and laying hens! Today they still remain diversified raising dairy cows, beef cow/calf, stockers, goats, broilers and pastured hogs. They direct market what they can through their brand Wholesome Family Farms and prioritize soil health in all they do! Jordan also recognized value in land that most would overlook, and by grazing goats in woodlands, he found a way to capture that value on otherwise unproductive land. Throw in a family with six kids and it's plain to see this young family is absolutely crushing it! It was a blast talking to him and his story is filled with great tips and inspiration for anybody interested in getting started farming themselves! 

Resources Mentioned:

Wholesome Family Farms Youtube

Wallace Center Farms Youtube

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