63: Paul Landrigan - Building a Ranch While Working Full Time

Paul always had a love of cattle from a young age! His father recognized it when Paul could put together cattle family lines in a commercial herd when he was just a kid. However, the opportunity to take over a large family ranch was not in the cards, but this didn't stop him from building an operation of his own. In this episode we talk about his journey to building a ranch by focusing on low input cattle production and marketing his livestock at a premium. These principles allowed him to grow the business to where today he plans to retire working on the ranch he built. We also discuss his spiritual journey and his priorities of: 1) his relationship with his creator, 2) his relationship with his wife and 3) raising his children to follow Christ and 4) everything else. If you want to reach out to Paul, he can be reached at pjlandrigan@gmail.com

Resources Mentioned:


Dirt to Soil - Gabe Brown

Blackabee - Experiencing God

Every Man a Warrior

Stockman Grass Farmer - Allan Nation & Joel Salatin

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