E44. Getting Started on Ten Acres with Calahan Maynard

In this episode of The Grazing Grass Podcast, Cal talks with Calahan Maynard! Calahan and his family are new to raising grass finished beef.   They have ten acres and have purchased a few calves.  We discuss getting started, rotational grazing, and other aspects of just starting out. Show notes are available at https://grazinggrass/episodes/44.

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Ran into this podcast and it’s latest episode with Calahan by pure stroke of serendipity. Absolute gold.

My family and I just uprooted from out of state and recently settled in Skiatook - so it was a pleasant surprise to hear voices from my new home state (and from just right down the road). The similarities in Calahan’s story and what we’ve decided to pursue have tons of similarities and this podcast is and will be a great resource as we look into purchasing our first cattle soon. I plan on re-listening to the episode on my commute home from Stillwater to pick up what I missed the first time.

Awesome podcast - can’t wait to see the follow up and listen to further episodes.

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Welcome Corey! I’m glad you’ve found the podcast and hopeful you find it usesful. You’re not far from Calahan or myself! Are you planning to purchase cattle this year?

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Yes sir - that’s our target. All the heavy lifting on our ten acre property has already been accomplished (previous owners had several horses) but there’s still lots to learn.

As you mentioned in your intro episode - your podcast has met the perfect niche for an individual like myself. I hope this space continues to grow.

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Wonderful! Thanks, @Corey