E49. Regenerative Farming and Livestock Management at Greenacres Foundation with Leevi Stump

In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Leevi, the livestock manager at Greenacres Foundation in Cincinnati, Ohio. We discussed the regenerative farming practices they use at Green Acres, including raising a variety of livestock such as grass-fed and finished beef and sheep, pasture-raised chickens and turkeys, and heritage pigs. We explored the benefits of using smaller breed genetics like Aberdeen Angus for grass-fed and finished cattle operations, as well as the importance of rotational grazing and avoiding herbicides and pesticides for overall soil health and ecology. We also delved into the management and integration of various livestock species on the farm, such as integrating sheep into the cattle herd, creating a "flerd," and the potential benefits of parasite control and protection from predators. Additionally, we discussed the process of raising meat birds on pasture, ensuring their health and wellbeing through the use of chicken tractors and diverse diets. We also touched on their turkey operation, focusing on the broad-breasted bronze breed, and the growth of their pig enterprise. Finally, we explored the use of pigs on the farm to disrupt and root up invasive honeysuckle in wooded areas, improving the overall quality of the land for other livestock species. We also highlighted various resources and books related to grazing and regenerative farming, emphasizing the importance of time management, creating a game plan, and having a supportive team in the farming industry. Join me as I learn more about Greenacres and their incredible work in regenerative farming practices and livestock management.

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