Grass Finished Beef

On the latest episode of the Grazing Grass Podcast, Calahan is getting started grazing a few beef calves and planning to grass finish them. What advice do you have for Calahan about grass finishing?

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Im fairly new to grass finishing myself but have found some good books that are helpful me on this journey. First is steak by Mark Schatzker second is alan nation book grass fed to finish. I reccomend reading in that order too.


I’ve read Alan Nation’s book (years ago), but I haven’t read Steak by Mark Schatzker. I’ll have to get it. Thank you!

I would suggest that Anibal Pordomingo, one of the Stockman Grass Farmer contributors, is an excellent source of information for graziers. His research on meat quality and avoiding “off flavors” has been very helpful in grass finishing.


Great advice @Jkerst