Hello from Hedge Apple Acres

Hello from Hedge Apple Acres!

We are a small farm in Northeast Oklahoma using regeneratively practices to graze cattle and hair sheep. (Used to have Kiko goats, but currently have none.)

Our cattle are commercial cattle with influence from a few breeds: Limousin, South Devon, Red Angus, Red Poll and South Poll. (Just purchased a yearling South Poll bull!) We are breeding for a moderate sized cow that can excel on grass with low inputs. Thus far, I’ve been very impressed with the South Poll cows I’ve seen.

Our sheep are commercial hair sheep which are predominately Katahdin. Like with our cattle, we are breeding for sheep that excel on grass with low inputs.

Our livestock are rotationally grazed utilizing electric fences.

We have an off the farm job so the farm gets the evenings and weekend. In addition to the farm and the off the farm job, I’m the host of the Grazing Grass podcast.

We are glad you’re here.

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