Should I cull a first calf heifer that aborted?

I have a first calf cow that aborted abruptly. She was the last of my small herd to be impregnated. The stillborn calf was a little larger than a cat…I’m wondering if her fertility is low and should be culled, or if I should give her another shot. She is a fine looking cow with many of the qualities I’d like to keep in my herd, but low fertility certainly isn’t one of them haha

Hey Derek,

I’m a follower of The Lasater Philosophy of Cattle Raising, so I would cull her. Tom Lasater believes in selling any cow that doesn’t produce a calf, no matter the reason. Occasionally, you will sell on that would have been a good one had you given her a second chance, but you sell all the bad ones.

Also, if you vaccinate your cattle, you should check with your veterinary as it could have been lepto (or somthing else) that caused her to abort.