Welcome to the Grazing Grass Community

Welcome to the Grazing Grass Community! A place for grass farmers to discuss all aspects of grass farming.

This is Your Community

This community is created to create a place for discussion of all aspects of grass farming with no paywall.

We Need your Help

When you visit this community, the latest posts are shown. Currently, when you create a new topic, the categories are limited on purpose. This is to allow the categories to grow organically. If there’s not a category for your topic, use ‘Uncategorized’. We will add categories as needed.

Share with Others

The more participants we have, the better the content. Please share about this community with others.

We Support Others

I’ve dreamed of having a community for grass farmers that is inclusive rather than exclusive.

  • From beginners and dreamers to grazing pros, you are welcome to post and interact.
  • There are not pay walls to join. All you need is your account.
  • There are no stupid questions, so ask your question!
  • We reply with kindness and support. Remember typed words do not convey your body language. Thus sarcasm and humor are sometimes misinterpreted.
  • Unkindness, bullying, etc, will not be tolerated at all. Your posts will be removed and your account suspended.

Welcome to the Grazing Grass Community
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